Tools for FIMR Teams

These documents are available in Word format for customization by your program. If you would like the Word version, please use the “Contact Us” page and drop us a line telling us which document(s) you would like.


FIMR Brochure

  • National Center FIMR Brochure (PDF)

Planning Tools

  • Planning for a New Fetal Infant Mortality Review Team (PDF)
  • Agenda for First FIMR Planning Meeting (PDF)
  • Review Team Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)
  • Setting Policies and Procedures (PDF)
  • Building and Maintaining your CRT and CAT (PDF)
  • Sample Consent for Maternal Interview (PDF)

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FIMR Administration Tools

  • Overview for new Case Review Team (CRT) and/or Community Action Team (CA) Members (PDF)
  • Position Descriptions for Project Director, Project Coordinator, Medical Record Abstractor and Maternal Interviewer (PDF)
  • Position Description for FIMR Director (PDF)
  • Role of the FIMR Coordinator (PDF)
  • Role of the Case Review Team Member (PDF)
  • Role of the Community Review Team Members (PDF)
  • Role of the Community Action Team (CAT) (PDF)
  • FIMR Confidentiality Concerns
  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule and Child Death Review* (PDF)

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Meeting Tools

  • Guidelines for Writing Effective Recommendations (PDF)
  • Sample Standard Recommendations Related to Prematurity (PDF)
  • FIMR Manual* (PDF)

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Prevention Tools

  • Prevention Matrix (PDF)
  • The Spectrum of Prevention (PDF)

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Sample Information Request Forms

  • Request for Medical Records (PDF)

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*Developed by the National Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Program (NFIMR), a collaborative effort between the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Funded primarily by HRSA, these document and other resources remain available electronically at: